Writting Prompt: The Nightmoon Chronicles

Lorrania Nightmoon she was the first human to posses Illusion Magic in a thousand years. However mage’s who possessed Illusion magic are shunned due to the last few mages going crazy and committing evil deeds through the use of Illusion Magic.

Lorrania she will have to survive this harsh world by not revealing she can and has mastered the use of Illusion Magic. She has also taken a vow that all Illusion mages are not evil and those who are should be redeemed in some manor. The young mage headed off to the Faery Woods to seek out the help of the Faery Queen Ruby who is the wisest of all the fairies. The journey to the Faery Woods is a dangerous one if you are not careful you might just get lost along the way and never return.

After traveling for several days Lorrania has just arrived just on the edge of the Faery Woods and it’s almost night she struggles to get her camp set up before it gets too dark. That night she had dreams of a spirit calling out her name “Lorrania there is a dangerous curse that surrounds the use of Illusion Magic you must find a way to break the spell for that you must find the Sacred Rose it is found in the plains of Hoggswort.” As the fire dies down in the early morning hours she knows she must find Queen Ruby for more information about the “Sacred Rose”

At the palace of Queen Ruby she can sense that Lorrania is on her way to see her. The queen wonders if the young mage can truly break the curse only time will tell and she will assist Lorrania any way she can.

Will Lorrania break the curse or will she be cursed herself…….

To Be Continued….

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