Life Update

My wife and my son have moved in with my mother in law due to her ongoing stomach cancer treatments. We are there so we can help take care of here.

The Silver Hawk

A Mysteryby Christopher & Samantha Windwalker The quiet, coastal town of Cambridge holds a secret. Elec Da’Aston has the perfect life working as a navigator in the city and boating with his gentle girlfriend, Morwenna Doop. However, when he finds a silver hawk in his cellar, he begins to realise that things are not quite […]

Casper the Vampire Slayer

A Teen Vampire Storyby Christopher & Samantha Windwalker There’s a special new girl in Sidney and she has everybody talking. Stunningly puny and devastatingly weak, all the boys want her. However, Christiana Khan has a secret – she’s a snotty vampire. Casper Butterscotch is a charming, flabby boy who enjoys baking. He becomes fascinated by […]

Ruth Blunder, the Dragon

A Fantasy Short Storyby Christopher & Samantha Windwalker In a hole there lived a silver, fragile dragon named Ruth Blunder. Not a weathered warped, hilly hole, filled with aardvarks and a sleepy smell, nor yet a quiet, minuscule, solid hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a dragon-hole, […]

Corwyn Lifeblossom and the Three Feathery Owls

A Fairy Taleby Christopher & Samantha Windwalker Once upon a time there was a just boy called Corwyn Lifeblossom. He was on the way to see his Best Friend Felicity Olsson, when he decided to take a short cut through Grizedale Forest. It wasn’t long before Corwyn got lost. He looked around, but all he […]

Writting Prompt: The Nightmoon Chronicles

Lorrania Nightmoon she was the first human to posses Illusion Magic in a thousand years. However mage’s who possessed Illusion magic are shunned due to the last few mages going crazy and committing evil deeds through the use of Illusion Magic. Lorrania she will have to survive this harsh world by not revealing she can […]


Sorry everyone been busy moving and dealing with the whole social distancing thing. I will be trying to write more on this blog.   Thank you all for your patience.

Corywn’s Journal Entry #1

Moonday Sarenith 1st, 1032 ACE Dear Journal, Today we set off for our latest adventure. I have recently joined upwith a fairly new adventuers guild. So far everyone seems to be friendly and from different backgrounds. The quest at hand is to investigate as to why caravans are going missing in such a peaceful village. […]